Do You Speak Pittsburghese?

Pittsburgh is known for a specific accent. We say crazy things like warsh instead of wash. There are even some words that exist ONLY in the Pittsburgh area, such as cucky.

Pittsburgh is known for a specific accent. Some say it's annoying, but I say it's awesome! Do you have the special skill of speaking Pittsburghese? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: tiger3
  1. What do you do if you turn on the "brights" of your car?
  2. What is a buggy?
  3. What is a nickname for Mount Lebanon?
  4. Have you ever eaten chipped chopped ham?
  5. Have you ever eaten city chicken?
  6. Do creak and creek sound the same?
  7. Can you hand me that doohickey?
  8. What unusual ingredient is used to make a Primanti Brother's sandwich?
  9. Be careful of jaggerbushes because...
  10. What is jumbo?
  11. Kennywood's Open!!!!!!!
  12. What does it mean to be nebby?
  13. What does slippy mean?
  14. What do we say in Pittsburgh?
  15. What do we say in Pittsburgh?
  16. Okay that's all for now!

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Quiz topic: Do I Speak Pittsburghese?