Pittsburgh Pirates Quiz

This quiz is about the Pittsburgh Pirates. It covers some of the good days and some of the well not so good days. Step right up and see if you are a true Pirates fan.

ATTENTION ALL PIRATE FANS!!! This quiz is for you. If you think you are a fan step up and take this if you are not scared. If you are not a true fan it's ok it takes a real man to be a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Created by: Matt of this site
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  1. Who was the first Pirate to win the Cy Young?
  2. Who are the last two Pirates to hit for the cycle?
  3. Who was the first Pirate to hit 50 home runs in a season?
  4. Who was the first Pirate to hit .300 in a season?
  5. Who was the first Pirate pitcher to win 30 games in a season?
  6. How Many World Series have the Pirates won?
  7. How many pennants have the Pirates won?
  8. How many playoff appearences do the Pirates have?
  9. How many managers have the Pirates had since their last world series championship in 1979?
  10. How many times have the Pirates won their division?

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