Are YOU From Pittsburgh

When people are from Pittsburgh you can ussualy tell, but sometimes its more difficult to tell. Take this quiz to tell if you are from the most liveable city. And if your not you are definitely missing out.

Are YOU from Pittsburgh take this quiz to tell. Pittsburgh may not be the biggest, but is definitely the most liveable city. I hpe you have fun taking this quiz!

Created by: Neptune 7000
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  1. Are you from the Burgh?
  2. Do you shop at Giant Eagle?
  3. Goooooooo Stilers!
  4. Get me a glass of pop.
  5. Lets go to the Point.
  6. Lets go to the Point.
  7. We have a boarder with Ohia.
  8. What are yinz doing?
  9. My grandmother wore her babushka to the store?
  10. Redd-up your room.
  11. Get some gumbands.

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