How Pittsburgh Are You?

Pittsburghers have spread out across the nation, but its hard to seperate the true Pittsburghians from the false ones. So many people claim to be fom Pittsburgh, but they really aren't, are you one of those people?

Are you a true Pittsburghian? Well take this quiz, and test your knowledge of all things Pittsburgh. And maybe you will come out a champion...or at least with a lot of useless knowledge about the city.

Created by: Jayde
  1. What does this phrase mean: "Jeet yet?"
  2. Have you ever had a jumbo sandwhich or chipped chopped ham?
  3. What is jumbo?
  4. What is the Yawk?
  5. Finish this phrase: "Pittsburgh is thre city that..."
  6. You know you're from Pittsburgh when:
  7. No one says Steelers down here, here we says:
  8. Where do the two rivers come together?
  9. Who is the second most famous groundhog?
  10. What is a now famous Pittsburgh band?

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Quiz topic: How Pittsburgh am I?