How Pittsburgh Are You

Are you from Da Burgh? If you don't know what I'm talking about, then the answer is probably "No". If you claim to know what "Da Burgh" is, then prove yourself by taking the "How Pittsburgh Are You" quiz.

Even if you think you may have just a little "Pittsburgh" in you, then please try this quiz. Even if you've never been to this strange land, try the quiz anyway. It will bring you that much closer to understanding the fantastic foreign culture referred to by scholars as "Pittsburghese".

Created by: Ted
  1. What is "pop"?
  2. Is the following sentence grammatically correct: The grass needs cut.
  3. Where would you put jumbo?
  4. What is the Mon?
  5. If you and a friend are having a coupla Ahrns, you are:
  6. Where is "Sahside"?
  7. Did you have to walk up a hill to get to school?
  8. If I said "Kennywood's Open" would you:
  9. If you had a gumband, what could you do with it?
  10. What does Esliberty mean? (with a long "e" sound at the beginning). Some Pittsburghers say just "Sliberty".
  11. Does Myron Cope talk funny? [Update: Myron has since passed away...R.I.P.]
  12. If you are at the Strip District (Da Strip), what are you probably doing?
  13. What is Jine Iggle (Giant Eagle)?
  14. What can you do at Squirrel Hill?
  15. If you're going to the Igloo, you are:
  16. You just took the incline from Station Square. Where are you now?
  17. If I said that you're nebby, would you:
  18. If I said "Ur yinz goin dahntahn?", a possible answer would be:

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