How Good is Your Warriors OC?

There are many people in the warriors Fandom who have made their own OCs. I myself have made quite a few. What is an OC? It is a fan made character that would fit into a story or game.

But how good is your cat? Is it very good, or not so good? Thanks to this quiz, you can now find out! Have fun, and I hope that you get a good score!

Created by: Random101

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  1. Does your OC have gray fur and blue eyes?
  2. What was your OC's early life?
  3. Does your OC have things not found in natural cats? (Wings, rainbow fur, etc.)
  4. Does the name make sense? Ex: Sunrise, Burningflames
  5. Does your OC ever fall in love?
  6. Was your OC a kittypet who joined ThunderClan?
  7. Was your OC in a prophecy? If so, how many?
  8. Is your OC's name's prefix...
  9. What rank does your OC reach?
  10. Does your cat have the word Moon, Spirit, Thunder, Wind, Shadow, or River in it?
  11. How many moons is your OC?
  12. Has your OC received prophecies even if they weren't a medicine cat at the time they got them?

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Quiz topic: How Good is my Warriors OC?