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  • ~This is NightClan~
    "Could I join?"
  • Warrior Cats RP
    "Name: Leafnose Clan: ForestClan Description: A brown she-cat, black legs and patches Personality: Doesn't like to talk "
  • Warrior Cats
    "It really annoys me how the cats can die a second time, and how they fade into nothingness."
  • Warrior Cats RP
    "Is it too late?)"
  • Warrior cats rp
    "Who's the medicine cat?)"
  • Warrior cats rp
    "Silentfang started to bring her to the medicine cat den."
  • Warrior cats rp
    "She ran over to Fireblossom, and gasped. "What happened?""
  • Warrior cats rp
    "You know you can't name them shadow, right?)"
  • Warrior cats rp
    "Silentfang went over to Berrystar. "Midnightflower is right. You shouldn't waste a life because you wouldn't eat.""
  • Warrior cats rp
  • Warrior cats rp
    "I love the profile pic, ruby!"
  • Warrior cats rp
    "Name: Silentfang Clan: ShadowClan Rank: Warrior Description: A pale gray, white patches, green eyes, very thin and fast"
  • "You don't need popular people to like you, you have other people who you can talk to! (Like me)"
  • No Subject
    "Sure you did. Then I became an infurus who was then combined with the power of the resurrection ball, and with that combination, I came back..."
  • No Subject
    "And I also survived if you look at the spell I used."

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