Would You Rather?

This enjoyable game of Would You Rather will tell you if you are an indoor person, or an outdoor person. Play with a friend and compare answers, or play alone!

If you enjoy the game of Would You Rather, you are sure to enjoy this quiz! If this quiz gets a 7 star rating or higher, I will make more of these quizzes!

Created by: Random101

  1. Would you rather ride a sled pulled by huskies, or watch a race of sleds?
  2. Would you rather read an amazing book about the moon, or visit the moon for yourself?
  3. Would you rather go to New York, or go to the Amazon Rainforest?
  4. Would you rather be the first person on Mars, or be the one who built the spaceship to get there?
  5. Would you rather see France or see a wild pack of wolves?
  6. Would you rather follow a trail of deer tracks, or follow the hall to your bed?
  7. Would you rather dream about a dangerous adventure, or go on a dangerous adventure?
  8. Would you rather ride a roller coaster, or ride a train into a mysterious cave?
  9. Would you rather have an easy way to get to the top of a mountain, or have to go the hard way?
  10. Would you rather bungee jump off a cliff, or jump on a trampoline in your yard?

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