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Would you rather is fun game to play, and I created it into a quiz! Answer these questions and have fun with it! See how your results compare to what I chose!

Do you love to play would you rather? Are you bored? Want some ideas to ask your friends? If any of those apply to you, just take this quiz! Have fun!

Created by: axelbeans

  1. Would you rather be famous or rich? (You can't be what you didn't choose)
  2. Would you rather be able to fly or turn invisible?
  3. Would you rather have three eyes or one eye?
  4. Would you rather see the future or talk to the dead?
  5. Would you rather travel to the past or the future?
  6. Would you rather have a pet unicorn or a pet skittles cloud?
  7. Would you rather have endless candy or endless pizza?
  8. Sorry this was really short, but last one. Would you rather be immortal or a superhero?
  9. Will you comment and rate?
  10. Bye!

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