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This is part 1 of a 2 part game this will go over the path 2 world war 2 you have 8 country's to choose from and to play each country has questions that only they can answer choose wisely if you wish to contact me about ideas talk to me on discord Gavinthesheepurtle #2418

The Game is simple pick a action you would take part 2 will have over 50 questions and many alternate paths to go by from here at the end it will see how the war plays out for you

Created by: Gavinthesheep

  1. Its time to plan pick your nation you want to lead (set in 1936)
  2. Its 1936 What will be your first moves
  3. (only answer this if you are playing as china) Japan looks like its about to go to war with you what do you do?
  4. ( only answer if you are playing as united kingdom or France) Germany wants to put troops in the Rhineland what do you do?
  5. The great depression is taking a hit how can we recover?
  6. (only answer as soviet union) Stalin are leader is oppressive some wonder if Trotsky was the right way to go maybe we should stage a Trotsky coup...
  7. ( only answer as britian France Germany soviet union or Italy) Spanish civil war decide the outcome of the war
  8. ( only answer as united states) Should we work closely with the soviets tensions continue to rise
  9. (only answer as japan) the us has put sanctions we struggle to gain oil what should we do?
  10. Its 1937! What should we spend the budget on?
  11. We have found a massive supply of metal oil and gold!
  12. (only answer if you are playing as soviet union and have picked Trotsky coup) The coup has worked Trotsky is in control
  13. ( only answer as Nazi Germany) You have decided to annex Austria britian and France says you can as long as you calm down
  14. The united states election of 1936 happened its now January 20th the victor who won on November is now being put in office who won the election again? (This is not a quiz question you can decide who wins the election)
  15. (only answer as facist italy) Africa is the perfect start to build are empire shall we fight those damn Africans?
  16. (only answer as France) communism is becoming very popular in this country what should we do about it?
  17. soon in the game we are going to have multiple events meaning certain country's and factions get events just a heads up
  19. ( only answer as soviet union and you have selected democratic civil war) the civil war has begun you have kept the most important lands but they have more soldiers you will most likely lose the future is up too you.
  20. ( multiple event time only answer if you are japan) shall we declare war on china and take what they got?
  21. (only answer as japan and have went to war) You start the war it gos very well bejing is in site
  22. ( only answer as nazi germany) Shall we make a pack with the soviets/Russian federation?
  23. its 1938 tensions rise what should be are main focus
  24. (only answer as britian) appeasement is not working shall we just sanction those nazis"?
  25. (only answer as italy) shall we ally with Germany were both fascist after all
  26. (only answer as nazi germany) Italy has sent a alliance request shall we accept?
  27. Shall we try and get some African colony's
  28. (only answer as china or japan) China has lost the war china is made a puppet of the Japanese empire
  29. (only answer as soviet union and you have selected democratic civil war) against the soviets best efforts they have loss whats gonna happen to the old soviet union?
  30. its 1939 cold times are coming
  31. (only answer as nazi germany) it is time to invade poland how will we go about it...
  32. This is the end of part 1 however from here the outcome will be predicted thank you for playing in the next part we shall see how you will handle the real battle
  33. Finally did you enjoy this quiz this wont count against you

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