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  • Mod Check-In Thread
    "09.30.2020 jill, or DarkIsTheCat, formally announced her indefinite leave; the other moderators are still available as always "
  • ~*~Axels Universe~*~
    "life is not very okay now but i have an appearance update so,, periana i’m gonna do that"
  • "i love you sm my bee πŸ–€ i’m proud of you for doing what you need to do <33"
  • ~*~Axels Universe~*~
    "wow i really dropped off the face of the planet πŸ’€"
  • "discord as usual, axelbeans#2114 !!"
  • "jomo and/or fallen hendrix?"
  • ~*~Axels Universe~*~
  • ~*~Axels Universe~*~
    "thank you so so so much πŸ₯Ίβ£ you’re a real sweetheart"
  • "may i choose one after you post the updated list ? πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ"
  • "Hi, just popping in to tell you guys to please watch the content of your conversations. It’s not wrong to have “older” conversations, but pl"
  • ~*~Axels Universe~*~
    "none of this is fair"
  • ~*~Axels Universe~*~
    "this life thing just hurts so bad like it feels like she’s upset with me when i haven’t done anything except be rightfully upset ??"
  • ~*~Axels Universe~*~
    "i just want to know why it seemed so easy to make a decision or even want to make it knowing it hurts her in the long run and also me??? she..."
  • ~*~Axels Universe~*~
    "regardless,, i guess egirl isn’t part of my life right now. i don’t know why we’d reconnect this year only for this to happen. and for her t"
  • ~*~Axels Universe~*~
    "boy did my life get worse i guess i’m currently down a friend i feel like she’s becoming cross with me being upset or she’s meg"

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