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Howdy! Are you bored? This quiz is great for boredom! I made this because I was bored, so we already have so much in common. So you might as well go on and continue and find out what else we have in common!!!

There are no right or wrong answers, of course, so absolutely no pressure about any of this! This is just for you to click through and answer some questions and distract yourself from life for a short while!!

Created by: axelbeans

  1. There are no right or wrong answers, I just marked the ones I chose so you can see which ones we had in common!
  2. Do you hang up your clothes in a closet, or fold them in a drawer?
  3. Can you use chopsticks, or do you settle for a fork or fingers?
  4. Dark colors or neutrals?
  5. When you go to bed, do you use one pillow or multiple?
  6. Sweet or salty snacks?
  7. Spicy food or mild flavors?
  8. High energy music or chill?
  9. Converse or Vans?
  10. Introvert or extrovert?
  11. Do you prefer to learn with guidance, or with someone showing you each step extensively?
  12. Do you prefer hanging out in groups or one on one?
  13. Arts or sports?
  14. Do you like interpreting and analyzing things like history, religion, or literature, or do you like memorizing processes and those out like math?
  15. If you had an edgy phase, were you emo or scene (I love seeing people's old cringe because I'm still emo as heck)
  16. Do you pass time with video games more or television?
  17. Do you like rap music?
  18. Are you a soft-spoken person?
  19. Are you considered tall?
  20. What kind of pants do you wear?
  21. Comment and rate this pretty please !! :3

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