midnight love part 1

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this is a story about a girl naed alexis who moves to the country and has to find herself all over again! she also finds kevin, a mysterious boy that falls in love with her.

so will everything work out for lexi? will she and kevin ever have their happy ever after? read on to find out! dont forget to rate my quiz and comment!

Created by: black diamond

  1. there was a girl her name waas alexis. she was 15 and had beatiful blond hair and green eyes.
  2. one day she moved to the country with her family but she wasnt happy about it bcaause she was going to miss her friends and she liked the city.
  3. her first day of school she was suppose to stay with her brother but they got separated before class and someone knocked her books oout of her hands
  4. she started to pick them up and cry but a tall boy stopped and helped her pick them up and wiped her tears. then he kept walking and didnt sat anything.
  5. then some girls ran up t her excited and told her he was kevin johnson and all the girls in school wanted him, but he wouldnt talk to anyone and they asked her to be her friends!
  6. their names were kally and brayley and they were also really pretty. its too bad Im not pretty like that alexis thought when she went to class
  7. when she got to her class she realized kevin was in it! and he looked up at her and then back down at his desk really fast. the teacher told her she was late and looked at her mean before telling her to take her seat. she looked around already having a bad feeling abouot this school when she noticed the only open seat was next to kevin. she blished and headed there, and sat down.
  8. kevin looked at her mean too though and he got up and left really fast. alexis started to cry a little again and heard some people laughing around her. great she thought just great. people are already making fun of me.
  9. when she got out f class she walked out and found kevin waiting for her outside the door. he told her he loved her and he wanted to be her boyfriend!
  10. stay tuned for part 2!!!!!!

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