Hogwarts Love Story pt 40

Happy New Year to all of you! I can't believe it's 2015. Back to the Future 2! Where's my hover board?! I'm using far too many exclamation marks in this paragraph.

Last part, you attended the Quidditch trials, was told by Draco that you couldn't be friends anymore, got a mysterious birthday present, and had an argument with Ron.

Created by: vulturemonem

  1. After Ron's outburst, he refused to so much as look my way, which made my friendship with the Golden Trio incredibly uncomfortable. Eventually I gave up, and decided not to hang around Ron any longer. Sadly, we still had Quidditch practises, and he was becoming increasingly more angry and sloppy in play. Not that I would be allowed to so much as speak to him"”he'd have hollered so loudly that the entire castle would be able to hear.
  2. The first Hogsmede outing came in the middle of October. I asked Ginny if she wanted to go, but she had, apparently, already made plans with Dean. To my surprise, Katie Bell waltzed up to me after Quidditch training one night and asked if I'd like to go with her. Surprised but not displeased, I agreed. The following morning, we wrapped up and headed out early, hopefully before Ron so much as finished getting dressed, and trudged out of the castle. Filch was waving around his Sensor, which made the process of getting out even slower than usual. I buttoned up my coat as the wind whipped around us, blowing stray strands of my hair across my face. "It's freezing," Katie said, shivering, as we walked as quickly as we could along the frost-covered paths towards the village. "Oh no," I said, stopping, as we came into the outer parts of Hogsmede. "Zonko's is closed." "It's not like we could have brought anything back into school anyway," Katie pointed out. "Jokes probably count as 'dark' magic." I cracked a smile. "Let's go into Honeydukes. It'll be warm." We headed into the shop, and I found some sugar quills which would last for hours. As I queued up to pay, I saw Ron, Harry and Hermione walk into the shop, scarves wrapped tight around them. Hermione shot me a tentative smile, which I returned, and Harry waved in my direction. Ron followed their gazes; when his eyes landed on me, his expression morphed into a glare. He dragged Harry and Hermione resolutely to the other side of the shop. Katie raised her eyebrows. "Wow. What the hell is Ron's problem?" I sighed as I paid, and shook my head in annoyance. "Ronald has decided that Draco Malfoy has been using me to get to Harry." Katie glanced across at me. "Well"”" "Please don't tell me that it's a logical thing to say. Draco is refusing to speak to me. He's decided that it's best if we're not friends." "Why?" "I don't know. There's something weird going on, I know that." "He's ditched Crabbe and Goyle." I stared at her. "What? Really?" "Yep," she replied, popping the 'p'. I was silent for a moment, until Ron looked our way, giving me a nasty look. "Can we go?" "Yeah. Let's go to The Three Broomsticks."
  3. Katie and I traipsed into the pub gratefully, and immediately ordered two butterbeers. Madame Rosmerta smiled at a group of men sitting behind us, much to their delight. Honestly, it was sickening. "You know why Ron's angry, right?" Katie asked, sipping her drink. "If I did, I'd be trying to fix it." "Because he's jealous," she said. "Jealous of what?" "Malfoy. He's a Slytherin, which doesn't help, and you're friends. Good friends. Ron doesn't like that." "So Ron"”?" "Is jealous because he thinks you like Malfoy more than him." I pulled a face. "What is this, primary school? 'I want to be Cailey's special friend'," I said, mimicking a terrible baby voice. Katie laughed. "They're boys. Mentally, they're about seven years old." We both giggled. I ducked my head as the Golden Trio walked in. Hermione saw Katie and I, and quickly ushered Ron and Harry over to a table out of sight. I was incredibly grateful for my friend at that moment. I really wasn't in the mood for another argument.
  4. Half an hour later, we decided to call it a day and head back to the castle before our fingers fell off due to the arctic conditions outside. Just as we were about to leave, Slughorn walked past our table. I presumed that he was heading over to partake in another cringe-worthy conversation with Harry or Hermione, but, to my horror, he stopped and smiled at me. "Miss Rivers," he beamed. "I wanted to invite you to a little get-together on Monday night. Just the elite, you know. Miss Granger over there could do with some company, I think, and your abilities seem to go beyond the Potions classroom. I saw you training yesterday on the pitch." I attempted a smile, though it was probably more like a grimace. "I'd be delighted, sir." "Excellent! I'll see you before our next lesson, then." He winked, and then walked away, whistling tunelessly. Katie laughed behind her hand. "That was something," she said. "Something horrible, yeah," I agreed. "Let's get out of here." "I'm just going to the bathroom." I nodded, and tapped my fingers against the table as I waited patiently for her. I rubbed my hands together in an attempt to warm up, and sighed after a moment, giving up. It was just too damn cold. Katie appeared a moment later, so I stood up. "Ready?" "Yes," she replied, voice slightly lilting. Had she been at the firewhiskey between going to and returning from the bathroom? I noticed a parcel in her left hand. It was relatively small - about the size of a paperback book - and was sloppily wrapped in brown paper. I frowned. "What's that?" I asked, gesturing to the package. Katie looked at me blankly. "The parcel you're holding," I prompted. "You weren't carrying it earlier." "This?" she asked, holding it up. "Somebody gave it to me." "When?" "Just now. In the bathroom. They told me to deliver it." I opened my mouth to protest, but decided against it. "Deliver it to who?" "It doesn't matter." Her voice lacked its usual firmness. I was becoming more and more suspicious. "Katie, when did it become a good idea to deliver unknown things to people?" "I have to deliver it," was all she said. "Who gave it to you?" "Someone," she said vaguely, pointing over her shoulder. I looked to where she was pointing, but she could have been referring to any number of people. "Katie"”" "Let's go."
  5. We walked back in near-silence. I was aware of Harry, Ron and Hermione a few metres behind us, but it forced myself to ignore them. I was more worried about Katie, and that parcel. Though I didn't want to, I had to try to talk some sense into her. "Look, do you even know what's in there?" I demanded. "It doesn't matter," she snapped. "Of course it does! It could be anything! If it's something bad and Filch's stupid Sensor picks it up, you'll be in trouble. You can hardly say a nameless stranger told you to deliver it"”how ridiculous would that look?" "He wasn't a stranger," she said shortly. "Then who was he?" "I can't remember." I threw up my hands in despair, when a horrible thought struck me. Katie wouldn't act like this, normally. I'd been on the Quidditch pitch with her since I was twelve years old. She was behaving in exactly the way that we all had in our fourth year when fake-Moody had cursed us to train us to resist. Was Katie acting under the influence of the Imperious Curse? Because she certainly seemed like she was. "Katie, please give me that package," I said in a low voice. Katie glared at me. "It's got nothing to do with you!" "Yes, I has!" I reached forwards to look at the parcel just as Katie yanked it back. The paper caught on my coat button and ripped. Katie's finger brushed across an elaborate necklace, and then, almost instantaneously, rose up into the air, back arched and arms outstretched. I jerked back, eyes wide. Then Katie let out a scream, which pierced right through me. The snow was falling thick and fast, and it didn't melt when it touched her exposed skin. Harry, Ron and Hermione rushed forwards as Katie continued screamed, and the four of us caught her as she fell back down to the ground. "Do not touch that," I said, voice shaking as I pointed to the necklace. "What is it?" Hermione asked. "I don't know." I explained what had happened as Harry jogged off to find somebody. Hermione gasped. "Was she cursed?" she asked as Katie writhed on the floor. "She must have been," I said.
  6. Hagrid appeared with Harry, and hoisted Katie into his arms, saying that he'd take her straight to the hospital wing. I exchanged a worried look with Hermione. I felt suddenly light-headed, but pushed the feeling away, and swallowed. I bent down, untied my scarf, and wrapped it around the necklace gingerly. Madame Pomfrey would presumably want to take a look. "Careful," Ron said, shooting me a worried look. I was immediately angry. "Since when do you give a sh"”" "Not now, please," Hermione begged us, looking upset. I sighed, and we walked back up to the castle quietly. McGonagall met us as we walked up to the double doors, and ordered us quickly into her office after giving Filch the necklace. "What happened?" she asked sharply. Trying not to hesitate, I told her about Katie coming back out of the bathroom with the necklace, and the conversations that ensued, ending with the way she risen into the air after touching it. "I think she must have been cursed," I said, trying to remain calm. "She seemed strange, like she'd been touched by the Imperious curse." McGonagall nodded at me. "That necklace was on display at Borgin and Burkes," Harry said. "The label said it was cursed. Professor"” I- I think Malfoy gave Katie that necklace." I froze. What? I knew only too well that Harry loathed Draco like he loathed no other, save perhaps Snape, but to accuse him of something like that, without proof? I looked resolutely away from Harry, furious. McGonagall quickly shot down his theory, as did Hermione and Ron, for which I was grateful. I remained silent. "Mr Malfoy was not in Hogsmede today, because he was in detention with me. He had failed to complete his Transfiguration homework twice in a row, now. So he had no opportunity to give Miss Bell that necklace." She looked to me. "Did she say who had given it to her?" "No. She wouldn't say. But she said 'he'." Harry looked triumphant beside me, though I didn't know why. The curser being a male didn't make him Draco Malfoy. "Very well," McGonagall said. "You may go."
  7. The moment we were out of McGonagall's office, I rounded on Harry. "What was that all about?" "Come on. It must have been Malfoy." "He wasn't even in Hogsmede!" "He must have used one of his Death Eater buddies then." "Imagine I just slapped you in the way I am sorely tempted to," I snapped. Harry ignored me, and continued to talk about Draco as though I wasn't there. I rolled my eyes. Clearly, there was no arguing with him.
  8. We reached the common room a moment later, Harry still shooting out theories about how Draco supposedly got the necklace to Katie. Just before I stepped through the portrait hole, Ron's hand shot out and wrapped around my arm. I looked back at him. "What?" "Can we...can we talk?" "Weeks of angry looks and a refusal to speak to me, and you want to do this now?" "Please?" I exhaled angrily, but nodded, and followed him away from the common room. For a moment, I thought he was heading outside, but he turned left and stopped in an empty corridor. He fiddled with the edge of his jacket, looking embarrassed. "Cailey, I'm sorry. It's just– I've never trusted him. I don't trust him. He's a complete–" Ron called Draco something that made me want to stalk out of the room. "He's a Slytherin. He's a muggle-born hater." "I am a muggle-born, incase you've forgotten." "That's exactly what I mean. I don't understand why he befriended you, if that's what he did. I certainly don't understand him doing it sincerely. Bloody hell, he's vile!" "Ron, nothing you say is going to make me suddenly hate him. You may as well give up now." "I know. But I don't want to argue with you anymore." "Then don't." Ron smiled. "I won't. In fact, I was wondering if I could ask you a favour." I rolled my eyes, smiling tightly. "Now it comes out. What's you ulterior motive, then?" Ron went faintly pink. "I was wondering if you could help me practise." "Practise what?" "Quidditch." Despair filled me. "How many times do we have to tell you, Ron? There's nothing wrong with how you play Quidditch! Your only problem is nerves. You get worked up, and you suddenly can't play properly." "Please help me practise. It'll make me less nervous." "Alright," I agreed finally, after a moment of silence, "but not today. It's too cold. We can practise tomorrow." "Thank you," he said, clearly relieved. "Yeah. Let's get out of here," I muttered. I moved past Ron, and was about to tread the familiar path back to the common room when I spotted a familiar head of blonde hair going in the other direction. Draco's face was haggard, and he had a death-grip on his wand. I looked across at Ron. "I'll see you back in the common room later." "Where are you going?" he shouted as I started jogging off in the direction Draco had gone. "Uh, library!" I called back. "Bye!" "The library is the other way!" "Detour!"
  9. I raced up the staircase, and turned the corner that Draco had gone round just in time to see him whip round the next corner, going towards the third floor. I sped up, hoping that I could catch him up. The corridors were empty, most of the rest of the castle clearly gathered around fires in the common rooms. Draco spun round just as I neared him. His eyes widened, and I suddenly wondered why I'd followed him in the first place. It had been a bit...spontaneous, to say the least. Up close, Draco looked even worse. His skin was paler than usual, there were dark bags under his eyes, and his hair was limp. "Have you been following me?" he got out eventually, expression hardening into anger. I was shocked. "What? No! Of course not!" "No? Potter hasn't had you checking up on my every move?" "I'm his friend, not his spy camera," I snapped. "Is that some kind of mudblood junk?" he spat. My jaw dropped open. "Excuse me?" "You heard," he sneered. "Don't you ever, call me that," I said, voice shaking slightly with anger. What had happened to the better side of Draco Malfoy that I'd been privy to the past few years? Draco turned his face away from me. "I told you not to speak to me again." "And I told you that I couldn't promise you anything. Why are you pushing everyone away? Forget me. But you're hardly ever at meals, you don't sit with your friends in lessons, you're not doing homework... What are you doing?" "Stay out of this, Rivers," he said in a hard voice. "No." "It's got nothing to do with you. You'll only end up hurt." I laughed humourlessly. "Well, considering we're not friends anymore, you shouldn't care what happens to me. Which makes me the perfect person to talk to, because I care about you, regardless of how many times you tell me that I shouldn't." "Don't." "Don't what? Tell the truth?" "Act like this is nothing." "How can I know what it is?" I cried. "I don't know anything about this! You won't tell me!" "I can't tell anyone. I have to do this on my own." "Are you being threatened?" I asked, tone of voice changing and softening to concern. "Is somebody making you say that?" "It's nothing for you to think about." "The hell it is." "Please go." "Fine. I'm going." "Don't run after me again. This isn't some cheesy American film. There's no happy ending." "Whatever you like," I said in defeat. "I'm going. I won't talk to you again." "Good." "That doesn't mean I don't want to help you." "You can't help me. No-one can."
  10. *vulturemonem* Oh dear. Draco is being a bit miserable today, isn't he? But, I've got this part out before school starts up again, so I'm glad about that! I'll try to update again in not too many weeks, but I'm sure you all know how busy Real Life is! Until next time, Happy New Year, and have an amazing 2015! xXx

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