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  • I apologize for my delayed response, but at least I remembered at some point! Anyway, I loved these last three editions. The different perspective on Quidditch and the Hogsmeade trip was refreshing, and I must admit I appreciated the increase in Draco's appearances. Sixth year is a big year for him, so I'm excited to see how you develop his plot line in the future (and, I suppose, everyone else's as well XD). Oh, and I loved the hilarious options. My parents kept giving me strange looks because I was trying not to laugh during the news. Can't wait for part 41!

    Oh, and I too noticed the BTTF reference. I am eagerly awaiting my own hover board! XD

  • I apologise for my lateness! I know I'm a terrible person, but my academic reading list is just getting bigger every day. I hope this counts as a valid excuse for my tardiness. *coughs politely*

    Anyway , I know I've told you this numerous times, and you probably must have gotten bored by now, but really . . . I LOVE your your writing style. I always enjoy whenever I read your works, and this one had me laughing so hard, thanks to the brilliantly humorous options! My family thought something was wrong with me when I started to grin for no apparent reason whatsoever.

    Options aside, this edition was brilliant. Draco is being suspiciously distant, but I guess we all know his reasons. He has some . . . darker business to take care of. Sixth year is Draco's year, as @music626 also pointed out, and I'm expecting a major shift in Cailey and Draco's relationship. Ron's childish tantrums and jealousy was also something I actually enjoyed reading. XD

    Um, I'm not really a Cedric fan, but don't you think it's about time we learn what happened with him? Honestly, I'm slightly worried about him. Just slightly.

  • I absolutely LOVELOVELOVELOVELOV E your writing!!!!!!!!!!! (And your options too, when you're not too lazy to write them!!) I'm a new reader to your series, but I love your stuff so so much!!!!!!!!!!! You (as well as you, music826) have inspired me to write a series of my own!!!!!!! If you check it out later and comment (I'm open to any advice you give me!!!) you'd make me one happy girl, though I know it will never be as good as your series. Mine probably won't be up for a while, but please be on the watch for it!!!!!

    (This probably isn't the best first impression. I'm using too many explanation points for it to be good, but hopefully you don't think too badly of me.)

  • Awesome!!!! Thanks for having it out so soon! I loved it and I love the first paragraph about BTTF! It is only the first day, the hover boards shall be soon! LOL

    Pyra Potter
  • Ugh that totally didn't work. Try this:

    http: //[no urls] otoquiz.c om/hogwar ts_part_1_5

    (Exc ept take out the random spaces, of course.)

  • [no urls]
    Please visit here guys!!


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