Airclan Roleplay

Today you will be taking a step into Airclan's life! This takes place shortly after my quiz Darkclan's story! (take it if you haven't, otherwise just keep in mind that this clan is weak right now)

Today you will be role playing as the leader of Airclan! Instead of listing the cats like I normally do, I'm just going to tell you to note that the cat who you might share a hawk with is your mate. Good luck!

Created by: Random101
  1. You woke up in your den, curled up in a soft bed of moss and feathers. As you started to poke your nose out the opening of the small cave, you could smell dog. What is your first thought?
  2. Suddenly, you realize that you are the only cat out of their den, because the dog is in the camp! It realized that you were there, and it started to attack you! What do you do?
  3. Your clanmates started to attack it, and it soon ran away, whimpering as it went. What is the first thing you do?
  4. Your cats have calmed down, and you decided to help Brownwhisker and Eaglepaw train. Today you will be teaching Eaglepaw Airclan's famous battle strategy-Jumping off a cliff. How will you start teaching him?
  5. After much practice, Eaglepaw finally did perfectly! What do you say to him?
  6. You quickly hunt, and come back. Which piece of prey do you choose?
  7. You quickly eat, and soon after you finish, a new scent was blown by the wind to you-fox! What is your first thought?
  8. Ottereye ran up to you. "Foxes! Lots of them! Right by the bottom of this cliff!" he panted. You go on the high rock. "All cats who can catch their own prey, gather here!" What do you say next?
  9. All of your cats decide to fight the foxes. They all line up, waiting for your command. What will you say to make them jump?
  10. You shout the command, and all the cats jump off the cliff in unison! (Time for answers!)

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