Fire clan Roleplay

You are a Fireclan cat, one of the many proud cats who call the forest home. You are in the world of cats, of Fireclan, Airclan, Waterclan, and Earthclan.

In this Roleplay adventure, you will be thrust into the forest with Leafdash your crush, Rainfall your friend, and Stripepelt the deputy and your enemy. Can you survive the world of Warriors?

Created by: Random101
  1. You are on the dawn patrol today! The cats coming with you are Rainfall, Leafdash, and Stripepelt. You don't get along well with Stripepelt because he became deputy instead of you.
  2. You are in the middle of Fireclan territory now. You are paired up with Stripepelt, and Rainfall is with Leafdash, who you wanted to be with. What is your reaction?
  3. You two are just about to pounce on a rabbit, when you hear a cry of pain from Leafdash! What do you do?
  4. She is being attacked by a clan of foxes! Rainfall is cornered, but Leafdash is fighting well. Who do you choose to save?
  5. Rainfall and Leafdash are both safe now, and you start attacking the foxes! What is your strategy?
  6. Suddenly, a fox corners you! It starts harshly attacking you! How will you get out?
  7. Right before you are killed by the fox, Stripepelt jumps in front of you, and saves you! What do you do?
  8. The foxes finally run away, but it appears to be too late for Stripepelt. What do you do?
  9. Your patrol decides to go back to the camp, and tell them the sad news. What is your response?
  10. You start going back to camp. How are you feeling?

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