What naruto clan are ya in

You may be so curious to find out well what naruto clan your in what or how you may be alike them you could be any clan from great to regular it all depends on you

So come see what clan are you in are you a great powered clan from long ago or weaker in power are you in the clan you thought come find out your luck

Created by: Inuzuka wolf

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  1. What is favorite animal
  2. Best kind of food
  3. Favorite color
  4. What is your favorite element
  5. Second favorite element (please not the same as first unless you clicked none)
  6. Your Hobbies
  7. Do you like being alone ,with a friend or with your pet
  8. Do you wanna relax
  9. Weapon your choice
  10. Do you want to have friends
  11. Someone attacks your friend
  12. How much do you depend on your friends

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