she cat love story (part one) [she-cats only plz]

your a kit and your name is fallen-kit/paw/leaf. i made up four new clan they are shimmer-clan(your clan), bracen-clan, water-clan, and dawn-clan. your mother is tiny-cloud and you have no litter mates

the four toms fighting for your love are torn-meadow, fire-claw, tiger-strike, and solar-claw. of the course of this quiz you will become an apprintece and (of course) chose a mate.

Created by: shimmer-pelt

  1. you have just opened your eyes and look around, your mother (tiny-cloud) says fallen-kit the other kits are outside why don't you go play with them?
  2. no matter what you pick you go outside and a flame colored tom comes up to you, hey my name is fire-kit you must be fallen-kit,. yes i am, you mumble thinking.
  3. you walk over to the other kits. the dark tom is torn-kit, the light gray tom is tiger-kit, and the dark brown tom is solar-kit.
  4. suddenly the clan leader(sallow-star) called "let all cats strong enough to climd gather for a clan meeting!
  5. YOU GET YOUR APPRITINCE NAME. so do all the toms. your names are now fallen-paw, fire-paw, tiger-paw, torn-paw, and solar-paw
  6. two moons into your training the toms are fighting. all the time you hear them fighting and your sure your the topic. one day they are fighting one the way to the fresh kill pial do you
  7. 6 moons later (your fallen-leaf, fire-paw is fire-claw, tiger-paw is tiger-strike, torn-paw is torn-meadow, and solar-paw is solar-claw) the toms come up to you and tiger-strike says, "we all like you you have to chose one now". do you
  8. before you can speak the toms rush off leaving you nothing to do but think and think
  9. while you wait for the toms to gain enough courge to talk to you you spend you time helping out around camp every now and again you glance at
  10. one night you have the strangest dream star clan has given you nine lives. they say you are to pick a tom for you mate and he will also be give nine lives. CLIIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!

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