What is your naruto clan

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This quiz is to see if u have one of these clans and to see what clan u are in and also how u think about certain things and stuff thanks for your time and i hope u enjoy

I hope you will enjoy my quiz let me know how u like and also let me know how to improve my quizess in the future so that then they can be better and i can be better at making them also thx for your support

Created by: mark anime jr

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  1. What chakra nature would u choose
  2. What jutsu would u rather use
  3. Which one would u rather have a dojutsu or sage mode or neither or other
  4. Which clan would u want
  5. Which Kage would u want to be
  6. Would u visit
  7. Would you rather
  8. Would u rather kill
  9. If u could have anybody on your side who would it be
  10. If u were the leader of the akastuki who would u choose on your team

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Quiz topic: What is my naruto clan