Survival Quiz 2: World of Ice

We're back again with another survival quiz, this time stuck in a freezing cold place! 😊 You will have to survive yet again, and the question still stands:Who did this?

Could you survive in this icy landscape, far from any civilization, with animals who could be prey or predators to you? Could you gather enough food to make it through every harsh day? We shall see!

Created by: Random101

  1. You wake up, and you are freezing cold! When you opened your eyes, snow fell into them. It was snowing, and you are in the middle of a blizzard with nothing but a small backpack. Not again! What do you do?
  2. You realize that there is something in the backpack. When you search it, you find a lighter, a blanket, a granola bar, a pack of chocolates, and a small notebook with pencils and a hand pencil sharpener. What will you do with this stuff?
  3. You see a bush filled with berries! They aren't poisonus, so what will you do with them?
  4. You have found some things that you could use for tools. Which tool do you get?
  5. You bring everything that you have collected back to your shelter, and decide to work a bit more on the shelter. It will be dark in about a hour from now, so you will have to work quickly. What do you do to expand the shelter?
  6. It is very dark outside, and you have managed to light a fire inside your shelter. What will you do now? (Also, the chocolate is basically unlimited)
  7. After some time, what is your best accomplishment/idea that you've had?
  8. Much time has passed. You wake up, and realize that a wild animal is trying to destroy your house to get to you and your food supply! What is your response?
  9. The animal thankfully goes far away, and you sigh with relief. So, please tell me, which one of these do you do the most?
  10. You work the entire day, and are very tired at the end of the day. You are curled up in your shelter, when a man peeks in, and sees you. You're saved!

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