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The world is a fascinating place, filled with great beauty and great danger to match. Take a journey with us into the wild, where we will encounter some of the most mesmerizing animals and perilous natural disasters, as well as situations that will challenge your basic instincts.

From cougar attacks to jellyfish stings, from blizzards to tsunamis, from house fires to quicksand, we will face off with death and armed with our knowledge, our instincts, and our the power of our will to survive... we'll see who makes it our alive.

Created by: RavenWing
  1. An eight-foot-tall grizzly bear is approaching you. It has you in its sights and there is nowhere to hide. Your immediate reaction is panic, but you have to push past the crippling terror if you hope to survive!
  2. A storm has hit your neighborhood, and spawned a tornado. You are at home with your family, and you have a car, which leaves you with multiple options.
  3. While skiing, and avalanche strikes! You find yourself caught up in the tumbling snow, unsure which way is up and which way is down.
  4. While walking on a seemingly empty trail, you're bitten on the arm by a snake that you believe to be venomous. The snake slithers away, but now the real danger sets in as you begin to feel the effect of the venom.
  5. You wake up to a raging fire, seemingly trapped in your home. Smoke is rolling into your room replacing the oxygen with poison. As you witness your house going up in flames, you have to act quickly, or it will be too late to save yourself.
  6. You are taking a peaceful walk on what appears to be a solid riverbank-but then without warning, the ground gives way and you find yourself caught in quicksand, As you attempt to pull yourself out of the pit, you only find yourself sinking deeper into the earth.
  7. You have taken a wrong turn, and can't seem to place yourself on your map of the woods. Disoriented by the seemingly endless trees sprawled out in every direction, you begin to worry that you will not make it back to camp before night falls. As you begin to lose daylight, your hope dwindles along with it. You must asses your situation and apply everything that you've learned about surviving in the woods.
  8. On a casual swim through seemingly calm waters, you see a dorsal fin cutting through the water. It is too close for you to make it back to land safely. Panic fills your chest as the shark circles around you, preparing for attack.
  9. A violent storm has lead to your small boats destruction. As the boat breaks apart, you find yourself submerged in cold water. You manage to break the surface of the water, but as you take stock of your surroundings, there is no sign of land.
  10. It is the dead of winter and the lake in front of you has been frozen for many days, so you think it is safe to cross. As you take your first tentative step out, you became confident upon feeling the sturdiness of the ice. However, after just a few more steps toward the center of the lake, you hear a sharp crack. Before you can take a step backward, the ice splits under you and you are submerged in water so cold it feels as though your whole body is screaming.

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