How long would you last in a horror setting?

Most of us like to laugh on screen at someone who's caught in a bad place... like, a REALLY bad place. Most of the time, we write off these perilous, paranormal situations as ones that would never put our measly lives in danger... but what if they did?

Strap yourself in and take the quiz to see how you'd fare against Ouija boards, knife-wiedling maniacs, and other stuff found in the classic movies that scare your socks off.

Created by: Willow White
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  1. After contacting an evil spirit that wishes to harm you through a Ouija board, what do you do with the board itself?
  2. You're walking alone down an alleyway with a heavy backpack. A hooded figure who looks bigger and older than you starts to advance on you, holding a knife. What do you do with the backpack?
  3. While at home alone, you notice that there are a few doors open that you closed and, more disturbingly, that your landline cord is cut. You're in the basement at the moment and still have your cell phone. The only exit is the front door. What do you do first?
  4. Multiple beings are in your house. You've escaped, but several people and items are in there as well. You are NOT armed. Going back to find everyone/everything will take time and is risky. What would you run back to get? (Assume that you're an adult with a child.)
  5. You become cursed by a ghost and have days left to live. What do you do?
  6. A bit odd for a question on this quiz, but which Hogwarts house do you think you'd belong in?
  7. Lately, weird things have been happening. You're trapped in your house, unable to escape (as far as you know) and alone. Your phone has no service. You've noticed that blood is dripping from the attic... and you don't even have an attic. What do you do?
  8. While running from a crazed murderer, you stumble upon someone whose leg is injured. They beg you to carry them. Do you?
  9. In the midst of a dinner party, people keep getting murdered while the lights go out. Everyone is pointing fingers as to who the murderer could be. Who would you trust?
  10. What would you say your best quality is, out of these options?

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