Do you honestly believe in certain things?

This quiz is made so that people will be able to see how much they will believe. For wizards and witches who go to Hogwarts, you will probably score higher.

Keep in mind that this is made for muggles,so if there are any wizards who take this quiz, they shouldn't be alarmed if they score high. If you want to know just how much you will believe, this is for you!

Created by: Random101
  1. DON'T STOP READING If you post this 10 times, you will get good luck for a million years, but if you don't post this, you will die. Have you ever posted something like this?
  2. Do you believe in magic?
  3. Do you believe in things like the lochness monster, and bigfoot?
  4. Do you believe in heaven?
  5. Do you go to Hogwarts? (Don't lie, I know some of you are wizards)
  6. Do you believe in aliens?
  7. Do you believe in the muggle sport "Football"?
  8. Do you sometimes believe that things from books are real? (Also, who let a muggle write Harry Potter?)
  9. Do you believe that I go to Hogwarts?
  10. Do you believe that animals might be able to talk?

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Quiz topic: Do I honestly believe in certain things?