The Pointless Quiz

Look HERE! Let's see, this is unique quiz which tests our personality, according to a brilliant TV progamme. Please answer truthfully, as I am really willing to know you more (I'll always check the stats!).

As for the purpose, I tend to know about you more and try a survey on the amount of people who gets different results, as they all mean a bug deal. As such, again, please answer truthfully.

Created by: Redwood

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Let's begin. Your day-to-day attitude is...
  2. Now, one of your parents are getting a serious desease like cancer. Your feeling is...
  3. Children are...
  4. Your comment on liars is...
  5. Are you a liar?
  6. Let's reveal the truth, I am running out of questions, I am just fulfilling the instructions. You can skip these questions from now on.
  7. Pointless.
  8. Pointless.
  9. Pointless.
  10. Lastly, this quiz was...

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