The Worlds Most Pointless and Random Quiz.

Welcome to the worlds most pointless and random quiz. The quiz where all the questions and answers are completely made up and make absolutely no sense.

Do you know which book invented the capital city of Gordon's Gin? Or which football team rode the winner in the 1948 King of Sweden? If so this is the quiz for you.

Created by: Mad Matt
  1. Which Scottish football team is the capital city of a Boeing 747?
  2. Which pop group won the Grand National 27 times in 1972 alone.
  3. Actor Brad Pitt was married to which 19th Century British Prime Minister.
  4. Who invented Kajagoogoo while trying to extract Radium last Tuesday?
  5. Which mathematical constant is equivalent to the square root of the Taj Mahal divided by John F Kennedy?
  6. In which year did Led Zeppelin declare war on Mexican dictator Hamilton Academical?
  7. Bill Wyman stared in which type of tree?
  8. What is the maximum break in a game of The Book Of Genesis?
  9. Tutankhamun, Squadron Leader Guy Gibson, Foghorn Leghorn and the Kodak Box Brownie camera all played in which progressive rock band?
  10. Who was the first president of Eggs Benedict?
  11. Charles Dickens played for which cocktail?
  12. Richard Nixon was shot by which 1970's television comedy?
  13. What is 12 multiplied by Holland?
  14. Is this quiz a complete waste of time?

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