Random Facts Quiz

This is a quiz containing random facts that I just randomly made up. The score is abslolutely pointless so don't be offended if you get a bad score.

Since you clicked this quiz, you're probably bored. Maybe you thought it looked interesting. Well, for whatever reason, you decided to take this. 0.o

Created by: candycanepie
  1. Who did Alan Rickman play in "Galaxy Quest" and the Harry Potter movies?
  2. Where do I get most of my clothes?
  3. Do I sing in the shower? (Just take a guess)
  4. Who plays Sirius Black in the Harry Potter movies?
  5. What is my username?
  6. Who is J.K. Rowling?
  7. Do I like fries?
  8. Can this quiz end yet?
  9. Will you comment or rate?
  10. What color is my hair? (I don't know why this matters, but I'm a girl).

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