How Random Are You?

Facts are what grounds the world and its occupants from floating into fantasyland forever. Random facts are even better because they can unsilence a silent moment and are great ice breakers.

How well do you think you know what's going on around you? Do you have what it takes to pass a Random Quiz? Do you think you know it all? Take a few minutes and find out from this random test of facts, hopefully more to come!

Created by: Mishkin
  1. Cats sleep how long in a day?
  2. Who was Lucy and Linus' little brother in Peanuts?
  3. In a deck of cards, which king has no mustache?
  4. Which is the only mammal that cannot jump?
  5. Who invented the word "nerd"?
  6. Which temperature is the same in both Celsius and Fahrenheit?
  7. What are the plastic things on the end of the shoelace called?
  8. What was the name of Calvin's pet stuff imaginary friend tiger?
  9. What color is a polar bear's skin?
  10. What animals vocal sounds do NOT echo?
  11. Bats always turn ______ when exiting a cave
  12. Other than Mexico, and Canada, which country is physically closest?
  13. The average person will have consumed this many spiders in their lifetime.
  14. What company is the most advertised in the yellowpages?
  15. What's the biggest star in our solar system?
  16. Which actor/actress appeared in the most movies?
  17. Who is the first character to speak in Star Wars?
  18. What item can be seen in every episode of Seinfeld?
  19. Which sport has the longest living trophy?
  20. Insects out number all other living creatures

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