Are you random?

There are many rnadom people, but few are completely random. Random is, after all, just plain weird. What is random? A random person is someone who says weird stuff that has nothing to do with anything. A weird person thinks differently then most people.

Are YOU random? Do you have the weirdness you be randomsssss? Until now, you could only wonder...what do my friends think about my rnadomnes level. Take this quiz, and you can find out what i think!

Created by: Hannah
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. When people are talking about cats do you...
  2. When people ask you a question, do you...
  3. What goes through you mind from this list when you read the word: melon
  4. What time do you fall asleep
  5. If i said puppies you'd think...
  6. If you found a rock, would you...
  7. 2+2=
  8. What is a word that rhymes with door?
  9. running out of questions. pick the funniest word
  10. pick one!

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Quiz topic: Am I random?