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This test is completely random, doesn't have any sence to it really, i just made it to see if people thought it was funny, if not, too bad, it wasn't my fault! Anyway, this test will show you, if you have a random click thing, and remember, i'm weird, or so my friends say, so there might be a twist to some of the questions!

Are you random, weird, or crazy enough to get to the top? I bet you aren't because even my friends can't follow me, and they've known me for a long time, but step right up and take the chance! Only will cost you a couple of minute, and some random time! Welcome to...THE RANDOM QUIZ

Created by: Sketch
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. This test does not have to be true, it was made for fun only, do you believe me?
  2. Are you a nerd?
  3. I burned every X-Men tape! Muhahaha...What are you going to do?
  4. Are you enjoying my test?
  5. Do u know the song: Miss Susie had a chugboat, the chugboat had a bell...?
  6. Did i write something wrong in that last question??
  8. Do you hate my test? This won't do anything to your score**....
  9. Will you cry if you get a bad score at the end of this test?
  10. I saw a frog today...
  11. Choose....Your....ELEMENT!!
  12. I will let you see your score now...

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