How random are you?

People are people. But rarely there are people who are truly unique and RaNdOm. What is random? Cheese pie, cherry pie or pie pie or perhaps something else.

Are YOU random or just another sheep in the herd? Why don't you find out NOW!!! It will only take a few minutes and you could be very random or very normal or something inbetween.

Created by: Sophie
  1. Your favourite colour???
  2. What do you have with your cereal???
  3. You are walking through a meadow when you see a butterfly, fluttering by...
  4. You inherit $1,000,000. What do you do???
  5. Mehlagfrelleyta
  6. What is your favourite animal???
  7. What do you/want to work as?
  8. How do you want to die???
  9. What is the best name for a boy?
  10. Yes or No?

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Quiz topic: How random am I?