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Facts, facts, more facts. Can't live without them. You see those billboards, so random, am I right? Well then, this is the Fandom Facts Quiz that will twist your mind!

I hate Donald Trump. Umm, forget you read that. Anyway, can you answer all these questions correctly? You can sure by terrific or terrible. Well, try it out. If you don't take this quiz, you can't vote for Donald Trump.

Created by: Michael
  1. According to their 100th video, which singer has Barely Productions NOT parodied?
  2. Which of the following movie and music video combinations have Cinema Sins and Music Video Sins sinned, respectively?
  3. If you take the third country that ruled over Malaysia and keep going west to a country, what can you find there?
  4. How many years older is Carmelita to Sly in the Sly Cooper series?
  5. Which of the following is L. Frank Baum's children's fantasy masterpiece?
  6. If you take all three film adaptations of Lewis Caroll's masterpieces and add up the last two numbers of each year it was released, what is the number?
  7. Luna (from Malaysia) is the Malaysian counterpart of which Western Superstar?
  8. If you consumed tartaric acid, then consumed citric acid, what did you just eat then?
  9. Finish this equation: Silver + nitric acid => ?????? P.S. Diluted nitric acid
  10. In Coraline (the film), which character was intentionally added so Coraline wouldn't have to do what?
  11. How many sins did Cinema Sins give The Wizard of Oz?
  12. Who played Billy in the show The Thundermans, who shares his name with a famous artist?
  13. Who founded the Xia (夏)empire, who also started the millennium long Chinese empire?
  14. Who are North Korea's two allies?
  15. If you poured water directly into concentrated sulphuric acid, what is the aftermath?
  16. Where did Chomper from PvZ get its inspiration?
  17. Avril Lavinge is once Internet hoaxed for what, but later proven false?
  18. What is the name of the three part finale of the Disney Channel show, Gravity Falls?
  19. Which Royal member convinced Qin Shi Huang (秦始皇)to burn books, thus almost erasing Chinese history?
  20. Which is the only gaseous form of Alkali?

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