What will you do???

There are good quizzes and there are bad ones. Yes some are pointless and most suck. This one has not point to it; it's just for fun and hopefully some chuckles and laughs.

Do you have a sense of humor? Or are you just a plain stupid stuck up fathead? hehe well.....this quiz is just for pointless laughs and hopefully some positive feedback? ok well enjoy if you can.

Created by: Kjersti of this site
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  1. Your brother is about to play very old records from waaaaaaaaaaay back when. You:
  2. There's a knife on the counter!
  3. It's Valentine's Day tomorrow...
  4. Peter Frampton is coming to town!!!!
  5. It has snowed 3 feet this morning
  6. Would you like to be sedated?
  7. You're at the hair salon...
  8. Weezer, Green Day, The Ramones, and Bowling For Soup are coming to your house
  9. Your garage band has made it to Vegas!
  10. It's raining beer!
  11. You have Monday off. What do you do?
  12. Is there anything else you'd rather be doing right about now?
  13. High school never ends....
  14. There's a storm approaching!
  15. The cops chase you at night...
  16. Kiss your grampa!
  17. You are ordered to take a long trip to the Netherlands...
  18. Hey you're house is on fire
  19. Forgot to mention, when I borrowed your X-box, it exploded for no apparent reason whatsoever.....
  20. You just had a beautiful baby boy!
  21. You have muddy boots
  22. I put your Franz Ferdinand shirt in the washing-machine
  23. A monkey asked you to dance with him
  24. This is the last question
  25. No, I'm serious. This is the last question
  26. Ok, so maybe it's not...
  27. Well.....your tv just walked off
  29. Disco is DEAD!
  30. I love Muddy Boots

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Quiz topic: What will I do???