Darkclan's Story

Venture into my World of Warriors (WoW) and read the story of a long gone clan: Darkclan! If you are a Warriors cats fan, you are sure to enjoy this fan-made story!

Read about the evil Ragestar, the kind, thoughtful, and knowledgeable Squirreldance, a mysterious and beautiful Persian cat, and Breezestar, a cat so loyal to the Warrior code that he would give up all his territory to follow it! Enjoy!

Created by: Random101
  1. "Darkclan! Attack!" Ragestar shouted the order, and cats of all ages, including kits, elders, and nursing queens, were forced into battle!
  2. "Ragestar, call off your cats! This attack is wrong!" Breezestar, Airclan's leader yelled. Ragestar sneered. "I would never do that, you should just give up!"
  3. Breezestar sighed. "We will not fight you!" He shouted. Ragestar smiled. "Then you are even weaker then I thought. If you leave this fight, all of Airclan's territory will be ours!"
  4. Breezestar shook his head. "My cats are not going to fight kits and elders." Many Darkclan cats gave loud yowls after hearing this. Soon, all the Airclan cats started drooping away from the home they had always had.
  5. Suddenly, a beautiful Persian cat started to appear, glaring at Ragestar with deep blue eyes. Ragestar's smile started to fade.
  6. "Ragestar! Starclan is angry!" She shouted. Ragestar's smirk came back to his face. "Starclan can't stop me!" He grinned. "Now there will be 4 clans in the forest!" "I agree! There should be 4 clans!" The Persian cat nodded her head.
  7. Breezestar gasped in dismay, causing the cat to turn her head towards him. "Don't worry, Airclan is not the leaving clan. Darkclan is." She said, pointedly looking at Ragestar.
  8. "When Ragestar loses his last life, Darkclan must disband." The Persian cat sighed, for she was once a Darkclan cat. "I will make sure of that!" Squirreldance, the deputy replied.
  9. Ragestar looked at Squirreldance in anger, suddenly leaping on her, claws out. Shadowpelt, Squirreldance's mate, jumped in front of her and was instantly slain. "No! Shadowpelt!" She cried, falling to the ground in shock.
  10. The Persian's eyes turned red, full of anger at Ragestar. "I see that your reign should end soon." She sent down lightning, striking the remaining lives out of Ragestar. As he lay dead, Squirreldance shouted, "My first action as leader of Darkclan is to disband the clan. All cats may join other clans if their leaders allow it, or they can become loners." The Starclan cat nodded at her. "I am sorry it had to end this way." The Persian said, then faded.

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