Warrior Cats Test

Warriors, written by Erin Hunter, is a well-designed story with a taut plot. There are many people who read it, but few are truly absorbing every detail. Warriors is a story you should read a lot of times. I suggest you read it again before READ THE NEXT PARAGRAPH!

Test your Warriors knowledge with 30 questions! Do not cheat, you won't feel the feeling of real success if you do cheat. So come right now and do these questions to test your ture Warriors knowledge! The questions may be a bit difficult and the quiz a bit long, but I still suggest you try it.

Created by: LaughMachine of Warriors RP
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  1. The following questions are from Super Editions.
  2. Okay okay. Who is Spottedleaf's mentor?
  3. Complete this sentence- Russetfur was a _______ named ____.
  4. Tallstar had a littermate named Fishkit. True or false?
  5. How did Seedpaw die?
  6. The following are from the original series.
  7. Who killed Stonefur?
  8. Sorreltail once tried to eat a ________ that was given by ___________.
  9. The following are from The New Prophecy.
  10. Who told Tawnypelt to go to Fourtrees and meet the other three cats?
  11. What killed Feathertail?
  12. The following are form Power of Three.
  13. How did Honeyfern die?
  14. Lionwing was from_______.
  15. The following are from Omen of the Stars.
  16. Who was the fourth cat in the prophecy?
  17. Ashfoot died. True or false?
  18. The following are from the prequel Dawn of the Clans.
  19. Stoneteller was named_____ _____.
  20. What drove Clear Sky?
  21. The following questions are mixed from all books.
  22. How did Bright Stream die?
  23. Mothwing didn't believe in what?
  24. Who was Scourge's deputy?
  25. Bluefur's sister was...
  26. Mallow treats...
  27. Who was Heatherstar?
  28. Sorry if this quiz tired you out. Please rate and comment!

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