A Warrior Cat's Story (Part 1)

This isn't one of those real quizzes, where you try to score highly. It is a story, and you'd best understand it if you have read Erin Hunter's Warriors series. Still, this is my first ever quiz story... So try and comment and rate at the end. Thank you, hope you enjoy.

OH, the quiz results are like guesswork. There isn't a right answer to anything I wrote, so... You need good guessing skills to get 100%. Ignore any typos, please. I am not great at typing, dearies.

Created by: LaughMachine

  1. Dawn light filters through the cracks of the nursery, which is already bursting with the excited queals of two kits.
  2. Flamekit bounces out of the nursery after Lightkit, and the two shared excited squeaks. "I can't believe we're apprentices today!" Lightkit squealed, excitement bubbling in her belly.
  3. Gingertail, the kits' mother, followed them out. Lightkit bounced to her, wondering when the leader would call the meeting. "Look at you!" Gingertail muttered, as she began to lick Lightkit vigourously.
  4. The clan quieted down as the leader finally bounded up to the highledge, and Lightkit's heart beat faster. As the leader named Winterfur as Flamepaw's mentor, her excitement built up. Finally, Dewstar announced that Thrushsong would be her mentor. All of Lightkit's excitement faded.The cat who used to be a kittypet? No way!
  5. Thrushsong moved closer to Lightpaw. "You can go get fresh-kill and rest today." She mewed gently. Lightpaw bounded across the clearing. Thrushsong may have been a kittypet, but her mentoring skills were great. Flamepaw bounded to her. She ignored him, selecting a vole for herself and padding to the apprentices' den with a rush of pride.
  6. Inside the apprentice den, Sandpaw was sitting quietly, licking a paw. Stormpaw wrapped his tail over his littermate, but stood up when Lightpaw entered.
  7. "Lightpaw, congratulations!" Stormpaw meowed, his bright blue eyes flashing with respect. Sandpaw paused from her licking to look up at them.
  8. "Thanks." Lightpaw mewed, then settled down to eat. After she finished the vole she padded outside to see the deputy, Berrysun, organizing sundown patrols. She watched as Thrushsong padded away in a patrol lead by Pinefur.
  9. A pelt brushed her own. "Stormpaw!" She meowed, suprised and at the same time curious. Stormpaw stared at her. "Lightpaw, I need to tell you something." He flicked his tail as he padded into a bush, signaling for her to follow. When they both were safe, he meowed,"I have known a prophecy. The Light shall turn to the star at the time in need, and the one who suffers greatly is the only hope."
  10. Okay, I'll leave it there for now. You can please post comments, and rate. I wish to have Part 2 out soon. Try figuring da prophecy and post it in the comments.

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