Life as a Warrior Cat| Part One| A Kit Is Born

This is the first part of a warriors story. It is as I try to make my story quizzes, interactive and fun, and also telling a story like a book. Please comment and tell me what you think of it, and what could happen in other story quizzes.

For this story, you are a newborn she-cat called Sunkit. You have one littermate, a brother called Beekit. Your Clan's apprentices' Stormpaw and Blackpaw, think you're so cute, and in your short lifetime you've been playing in the nursery with older kits, a litter of four: Raggedkit, Redkit, Rushkit and Reedkit. It is your first time outside the den.

Created by: IvystarGecko

  1. (If you haven't read above you do not know what is happening so read it) You step into the light blinking. Staring around camp for the first time, your brother, Beekit, by your side, you see the fresh-kill pile, an enormous mound of prey. The medicine cat, Littleberry, carries herbs to the elders. You know Littleberry because she visited you in the nursery when you were little. You gaze around all this, thinking
  2. Littleberry came out of the den. "Hi, kits," she said. "Do you want to come and see the medicine den?" Meanwhile, Beekit got distracted by the older kits, Raggedkit, Redkit, Rushkit, and Reedkit. "Come and play moss-ball with us," encourages Redkit. "It's great warrior training." Beekit bounces up and down with excitement. "Oh, yes!" he shouts. "Warrior training!" "It's up to you," meows a passing apprentice, Stormpaw. "Yeah," agrees his brother Blackpaw. "Your choice." "Why don't we do each what we want to?" you suggest. "Yeah," agrees Beepaw. Inwardly you groan. Nobody argues with you! Nobody else even suggested things! "What do you want to do?" asked Beepaw.
  3. You meow. If you decide to see the medicine den "...And this is tansy, this is burdock, good for rat bites. Do you want to go over to the elders for a story? No work for a kit, sorting herbs, really." meowes Littleberry. "Stormpaw and Blackpaw are there, with a crowd of other cats." If you did the game "Let's go and listen to Flytooth tell a story!" shouts Raggedkit. "Yeah!" Redkit called. "I'm coming too!" Reedkit and Rushkit raced after their littermates, Beekit following. "Are you coming to hear the story, Sunkit?" asks Beekit.
  4. Whatever you picked, Littleberry takes you to hear the story) "The rain fell and fell, and it thundered, lightning flashed, and a queen was kitting." meowed Flytooth. "Oooooh!" went the audience. "She shrieked, and with thunder, a kit was born. This was the only kit of Flashnose and Rainsong. His name was Thunderkit. Now, Thunderpaw was the best apprentice we'd known, and I, his fellow apprentice, knew him best. But I was only apprentices in his last quarter moon of apprenticeship, yet he told me of this occasion. Thunderpaw was out hunting, and he saw a mole. 'Well, it doesn't hurt to try,' he thought to himself. So brave Thunderpaw chased that mole, all the way down it's tunnel! And eventually, he found a deep cave. He caught the mole and explored in the dark, a long way away from the warm sun. Then Thunderpaw returned with his prey up to the Clan. Moons later, long after the apprentice Thunderpaw got his warrior name, Thunderbrave, another queen was kitting in a storm. This was my sister and Thunderbrave's mate, Curlfur. Curlfur was a creamy she-cat with long curly fur. And as the thunder and lightning flashed, another kit was born..
  5. "This new kit was called Lightningkit. Lightningkit was a very daring kit, he had inherited his father's bravery. I knew him very well, and so do some of you." his gaze met Blackpaw and Stormpaw. "Lightningkit saved his Clan many times, but he has never once told any cat but his mate. When he became a warrior, his first duty was to singlehandedly fight a whole Clan! He slashed! He ducked! He slashed again! He pounced! He clawed! He leaped out of the way! He saved the Clan! Oh yes, you've never heard this, but his warrior name? It was Lightningclaw." a gasp came from the audience, including you. 'Lightningclaw!?' you thought. 'But-that's Stormpaw's and Blackpaw's father!' "Yes," Flytooth meows, "Lightningclaw. And then, another storm came, and two kits where born. Their names where Stormkit and Blackkit." A great cheer arose from the listening cats. Stormpaw and Blackpaw, no longer angry, puffed out their chests. As the crowd disperses, you think
  6. In a few moons, you are romping around camp with Beekit, Redkit, Raggedkit, Rushkit and Reedkit. "All cats old enough to catch their own prey, join here beneath the Highrock for a Clan meeting!" yowls the leader, Treestar. You and the other kits decide to hide and watch the meeting. The other kits don't know where do hide. "I have a great place!" you meow. "What is it, Sunkit?" asks Reedkit. She fluffs up her fur. You answer, "It's
  7. "Raggedkit, Redkit, Reedkit and Rushkit have reached their sixth moon, and it is time for them to become apprentices." The kits stumbled out into the main camp,you and Beekit remaining in the hiding place. "Uh oh," whispered Beekit. "We're in big trouble." "Kits, come up here," meows Treestar. "Honeyleaf, you will be Raggedpaw's mentor.." You watch the ceremony, thinking
  8. You know soon it will be your ceremony. You lie in your nest awake. You think about
  9. Finally, exhausted, you get to sleep. Beekit wriggles against you, making you dream about
  10. Beekit settles down, and you dream

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