How Well Do You Know The Warrior Cats?

Do you know who killed Tigerstar? Who trained Firestar? How Whitestorm died? Take this quiz and find out now. You may get 100% If you don't, just keep trying!

The different scores depend on how well you've read the warrior cats books by Erin Hunter. If you get a low score, you rank as a kit. If you get a medium score, elders, apprentices, warriors, queens, deputies. For the top scores, you rank as a leader.

Created by: SKYLANDERS 247

  1. How did Tigerstar die?
  2. What was the orignal kit name of Crookedstar?
  3. Who gave Firestar his ninth life?
  4. What are the names of Firestar's kits?
  5. Who was Firestar's first deputy?
  6. Who is the third in the prophecy, 'After the sharp-eyed jay and the roaring lion, peace will come on the dove's gentle wing.'
  7. Who trained Ivypool and Lionblaze?
  8. Who killed Whitestorm?
  9. Who is Skyclan's leader?
  10. How did Nightstar die?
  11. What was Firestar's kittypet name?
  12. What is Riverclan's version of mouse-dung?
  13. What does Windclan eat?
  14. What was the first prophecy?
  15. Who is Firestar's sister?
  16. Who was Crookedstar's mate?
  17. What was Tigerclaw's name going to be?
  18. Which clan of cats is the biggest?
  19. Who killed Ashfur?
  20. How did Hollyleaf die?
  21. How did Hollyleaf die?
  22. How did Scourage die?
  23. Tigerstar was evil because...
  24. How many lives does a leader recieve?

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