Warriors Cats Life/Love Story

Hi! My name is Taylor, and I LOVE warriors. I also love warriors cat quizzes, so one day I just decided to make a warriors cats quiz. This is my.......I think, fifth quiz, so yeah.

If you haven't made any quizzes on here yet, you should 'cause this website is GREAT! Hopefully you'll like your result.....otherwise..... well..........just I hope you like your cat! (Yes, I made all the names up and backstories up too.)

Created by: Warriorscatslover#59
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  1. Today is your warrior ceremony!!!YAY!!!What is your reaction?
  2. So, the night you have to sit vigil, a cat named Thistletail says to you,"Sorry if you were looking forward to sitting vigil, but we don't do that anymore. Here, tonight you'll sleep with the warriors." Then he starts walking toward the warriors den. What is your reaction?
  3. When you enter the warriors den, everyone is out in the clearing accept for one tom named Grayfoot. He smiles at you, and gestures with his tail,"There's your nest, Duskpaw-Sorry! I mean Dusktail."What do you do?
  4. You realize that Grayfoot is staring at you because you haven't replied to him. What do you say?
  5. "Ok. Bye, Dusktail!" The gray tom calls as you turn around and walk off in the direction of the medicine cat den. (Your sister is the medicine cat.) When you get into the den you find your sister and Redface in the small den, Redface had torn a claw. What do you do?
  6. You hear a tom call your name, so you walk out of the medicine cat den and out to Spiderclaw, the cat that called your name. He asks you to take a walk with him. You reply....
  7. You and Spiderclaw walk along the well-worn path that you chose, and then he says,"Dusktail, WATCH OUT!!!"
  8. Suddenly,-Wait. Do you REALLY want to know what happens next, or do you just not care?
  9. It was a rouge. He pins you down and hisses in your face. You claw him in the face and belly and he leaps back and you jump on your feet. What do you do next?
  10. When the med. cat comes and looks at you, she says that you're going to be fine. Thistletail, Grayfoot, Redface, and Spiderclaw talk to you and they want you to choose which cat you'll choose to mate. Who will you choose?

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