Are you a medicine cat?

There are many warriors, many apprentices who yearn to be on the path with power, battle, and glory. Then there are some who choose the other road-the one with starry spirits, deep respect, and the lives of your clanmates in your hands.

Are you one of those few who is destined to walk the path of a medicine cat? Would you fare well as one of these special cats? Now you can find out!

Created by: Random101

  1. What does the herb thyme do?
  2. Do you sometimes have strange dreams?
  3. Do certain aspects of nature, such as healing herbs awe you, and make you want to learn how to use them?
  4. Back to knowledge! Who is the only known cat to fully recover from a broken leg?
  5. Which one of these herbs will help a broken bone?
  6. Which one of these herbs is not a traveling herb?
  7. Which of these is not used to help with things like greencough and whitecough?
  8. Do you have a mate/kits?
  9. Who is not a Medicine cat?
  10. Which of these cats is not made up?

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Quiz topic: Am I a medicine cat?