Can You Be a Medicine Cat?

In the book warriors, there are cats called "medicine cats"that act like doctors. Medicine cats use herbs, seeds and other things for medicine instead of the kind of medicine humans use today. But this kind of knowledge is useful among humans too.

Are you fit enough to be a medicine cat? Most humans use other kinds of medicines instead of herbs, berries, seeds, etc. But things like dock for scratches are extremely useful and must be shared across humans in the world. Now, are you a genius with herbs? Find out!

Created by: leah
  1. What kind of herb will you use when a cat is suffering from bellyache?
  2. A cat is going on a long journey. He needs traveling herbs. Which herbs are O. K. To give him?
  3. A queen's kits have died. What will you give her?
  4. Which treatment must be used for a cat who had just broke her hind leg?
  5. Bluestar has ratbites and you are out of marigold. What will you treat her with?
  6. Which thing will you mix in with Mousefur's feverfew?
  7. Which of the following will make Mousefur's sore pads better?
  8. One of the cats have a bellyache and you have fun out of water mint. Which plant will you use?
  9. One of the cats have fell off a cliff and has nightmares that makes her not able to sleep. Which treatment is best?
  10. A queen had just had kits but she has problems with her milk. What is the herb that is best for queen?
  11. Choose all the traveling herbs.
  12. What does coltsfoot do?
  13. What herbs must be treated for scratches?

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