Warrior Cats! (Would you make a good medicine cat?)

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Do you read the Warriors series of books?😺 Have you ever wondered if you could be a medicine cat?😺If you have, take this quiz, and find out! 😺🐭😾😿


Created by: WizardKitten

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  1. Who discovered the Moonpool?
  2. Who killed Hawkfrost?
  3. Who are Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw's kits?
  4. Who is Crowfeather's mate?
  5. In Tigerheart's Shadow, who is Tigerheart's mate?
  6. Which cat is a ThunderClan cat?
  7. At th end of every Super Edition there is a bonus_________________ adventure.
  8. The newest sub-series is:
  9. Who are Crowfeather's kits?
  10. _________________ is the forgotten clan.

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