How well do you know the Warriors medicine cats?

Spottedleaf, Cinderpelt, Yellowfang, Leafpool, Jayfeather, Mudfur, Mothwing, Willowshine, Barkface, Littlecloud, Flamepaw. All of these cats have something in common.

Do you think that YOU know the medicine cats and the herbs they use? Because this is an INTENSE quiz on the subject! If you feel ready to test your skills, then go ahead! But make sure you've read all of the books first...

Created by: Owlfur
  1. In the beginning of Into The Wild, who is Thunderclan's medicine cat?
  2. Which outcast becomes Thunderclan's next medicine cat after Spottedleaf?
  3. Where did Yellowfang come from?
  4. Who was Yellowfang's apprentice?
  5. Where did Cinderpelt injure her leg?
  6. What is used for bellyache?
  7. How does Yellowfang die?
  8. What herb is used for rat bites?
  9. Does Cinderpelt have an apprentice?
  10. Who is Cinderpelt's apprentice?
  11. Who is Leafpool's father?
  12. Which cat does Leafpool fall in love with?
  13. Which clan is Crowfeather from?
  14. Is what Leafpool did against the warrior code?
  15. Does Leafpool have kits?
  16. How many kits does Leafpool have?
  17. Who is Leafpool's apprentice?
  18. Other than his apprenticeship, what is Jayfeather's relationship to Leafpool?
  19. What herb is used to kill?
  20. Which herb is found mostly in twoleg gardens?
  21. What is used for ticks?
  22. What is feverfew used for?
  23. What poultice is used for infections?
  24. What do medicine cats use to wrap herbs in?
  25. What clan is Mothwing from?
  26. What is Mothwing's big secret?
  27. Why did Littlecloud choose to become a medicine cat?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Warriors medicine cats?