What position are you in a clan?

"There are many clan roles,but which one is for you?What are your special talents?Have you ever wondered what you would be if you were a medicine cat?You have?Well find out here!

Are you a leader?A deputy?A medicine Cat?A warrior?Find out here!Will you have the wisdom and intelligence of a medicine cat or the bravery and courage of a warrior?

Created by: Raven Faldenhart

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  1. You are an apprentice.Your leader informs you that you need to find a warrior and hunt ,you ________.
  2. Your medicine cat asks you which herb is poppey seeds.You sniff around and decide that _____________ are the poppy seeds.
  3. How do you hunt on ThunderClan turf?
  4. When at a gathering,(you are the leader) ShadowClan acuses you of stealing prey,You say,"___________________________________________________"
  5. You find a WindCLan cat hunting prey on your territory,you ______________________.
  6. You would rather be:
  7. You would most not want to be:
  8. Your main trait is:
  9. People (other cats) describe you as....:
  10. Did you like this poll? (honestly?) This wont affect your answer,btw.

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Quiz topic: What position am I in a clan?