which warrior cat clan are you in?

Thunder Clan, Shadow Clan, Wind Clan, River Clan, Blood Clan.Have you ever wonder what clan you would be best in? What Clan suits you? If you even deserve to be in a clan? If those are some of your questions answer these 12 questions as accurately as possable for the best results. Enjoy your pal, krazykatt

im krazykatt. Im 12 and i have been reading and researching cats since i was about six-six and a half. and as my second quiz ever (my first was your cat fur colour)I hope you enjoy this quiz and find out a little bit about yourself Enjoy your pal, krazykatt

Created by: krazykatt
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  1. do you ever get the feeling where you want to steal kits and kill a med. cat?
  2. do you like to eat fish
  3. do you live by the warrior code?
  4. have you ever fallen out of a tree while spying on an enemy cat?
  5. as a med. Cat have you ever just gave up?
  6. do you want to have kits?
  7. have you ever been swept off your feet by the wind
  8. which leader inspires you
  9. have you ever tried to kill a cat but failed?
  10. do you beleive in star clan

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Quiz topic: Which warrior cat clan am I in?