Baseball Position

Will you be able to get the position you really think you are? Try the test and find out which position s really your best in baseball. Have a little variety with it.

What is your true baseball position not just the one you think you are. Take the test to find out unless you think you're not what you think you really are.

Created by: josh
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How's your arm?
  2. Batting power?
  3. Favorite Team out of these?
  4. Favorite baseball player.
  5. Favorite infield position?
  6. 3 outs bottom of 9th ure up 9-8 bases loaded ball is hit to you at short where do you go?
  7. Favorite movie
  8. Who holds the record of homeruns without steroids?
  9. What is your defense like?
  10. What's your height?
  11. How fast are you?

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