how much warriors do you know?

"Kittypets, apprentices, warriors, deputys, medicine cats, and leaders have taken this test/quiz and we recorded their results. Can you beat them?, WITCH RANK ARE YOU???"

"Witch rank are YOU?, between Kittypet to leader, Deputy, warrior, apprentices, and medicine cats, find out here, in just a few minutes.... CLICK DA BUTTON!

Created by: cassidy
  1. Where does Blackstar want to move his clan when the forest is destroyed?
  2. Where does WindClan go when there camp is destroyed?
  3. Who are the Questing cats?
  4. What animal is hunting the Tribe of rushing water?
  5. When does Jaypaw find his stick?
  6. Who guides Jaypaw thru the tunnels?
  7. Who is Lionpaw sneaking out to play with?
  8. Who is Lionpaws Mentor
  9. Who are Hollypaws mentors
  10. Who find Lionpaw playing with Heatherpaw
  11. Witch place do Lionpaw, Hollypaw, and Jaypaw go to help them

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Quiz topic: How much warriors do I know?