The Ultinate Warriors Quiz of All Time

There are very few Warriors Geniuses and there are fewer Warriors Masters. Now you can sort that out yourself by using my quiz. You can get a Minimal, Basic, Proficient, Pre-Proficient, Pro-Proficient, and then Advanced. Have fun, indeed. (Note:There is a spoiler warning on this quiz)

Well ARE you a GENIUS or even a MASTER at Warriors Quizolgy. If you really want to know go ahead and have a go. If you don't like don't compliment, and if it was the best quiz ever compliment it. The thing is that I am an ammature and don't know what I am doing so please bear with me while you go into, THE GREATEST WARRIORS QUIZ on this Website!

Created by: Bramblestar
  1. What is Firepaw's kittypet name?
  2. Who was the first wild cat Firepaw met?
  3. What were Graypaw and Firepaw's warrior names?
  4. Which two cats were the only WindClan leaders since Fireheart's time?
  5. What was Tallstar's warrior name?
  6. What was Crookedstar's warrior name?
  7. In what book does Tallstar and Mudclaw die? (Hint:They die in the same book)
  8. Does Squirrelflight have children?
  9. In which book is Ashfur kiled in?
  10. Who is Bluestar's sister?
  11. What elder is killed by Blackstar in Into the Wild? (Hint:Not in the Allegiances)
  12. Who killed Clawface?
  13. Who is the father of Feathertail and Stormfur?
  14. Is Erin Hunter one person or more? If so, how many more?
  15. What is Hollypaw's warrior name?
  16. What is Lionpaw's warrior name?
  17. What is Heatherpaw's warrior name?
  18. How many children does Graystripe have, in all?
  19. What clan does Firestar rebuild? (Not in the original series)
  20. How was this quiz? (Pick Okay to get it right)

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