Are you a Warriors fan?

Are you really a good Warriors fan? What kind of fan are you? Are you someone who don't really care about Warriors, a samll fan, or do you really love Warriors? Take this quick quiz to find out!

Note: please don't take this quiz if you don't know what Warriors are! This quiz is safe, meaning there are no bad words or innapropiate topics. Please take this quick quiz now!

Created by: Moonstar of warriorclansbythesea
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  1. What is your cat's name?
  2. Who is your favorite character in all of the Warriors books?
  3. How many times have you red the Warriors series?
  4. Do you play a cat in an online Warriors RPG?
  5. Do you own all of the Warriors books?
  6. What is your favorite color? (note: does not really count. a lot. that much.)
  7. Did you enjoy this quiz?
  8. What kind of fan do you think you are?
  9. Say something random.
  10. Do you like cats?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Warriors fan?