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Who loves Warriors? I do! I love Warriors so much, I decided to make an awesome Story Quiz about life in the Clans. Don't be surprised if there are names that are names in the actual book. SHE-CATS ONLY!!!

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Created by: Isabel Star
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  1. "Shadowtail! Shadowtail!" You hear your whole clan call. Your mentor, Frostfeather, comes over and flicks her tail affectionately. Blackstar comes over and nods her head. "Now, Shadowtail, you must sit and gourd the camp in a silent vigil." You nod in return. Soon, you are alone at the camp guarding it closely, when you hear the smallest noise. You prick your ears and there it is. The smallest scratching of a cats sharp claws. You hiss as a brown tom comes out into the clearing, his amber eyes almost glowing. "Leave now or face me!" You hiss. He starts backing up. "S-s-sorry! I-I thought I was in FernClan..." You pause. This FernClan warrior had fear-scent all over him. It was obvious he was lost. You tilt your head toward the East. FernClan is that way." You say, only half menacingly. He looks like he might run off when he walks closer to you. "My name is Owlclaw. I became a warrior yesterday. You are?" he mews. "Shadowtail." You say bluntly. "Warrior today. Now if you don't mind, this is supposed to be my SILENT vigil." "Oh, OK. Tomorrow night? Same time?" And before you can say anything, he rushes into the forest.
  2. When morning comes, you recall your episode with Owlclaw. What was he doing? Silverfoot, the deputy, walks over to you. "Hey, Shadowtail, I'm taking a patrol to the SunClan boundaries. Wanna come?" "Of course!" You say as he walks off. In the group was Frostfeather and Iceflight. Iceflight! He was in SkyClan, but they threw him out when he failed to stay loyal to his clan. He fought off his own warriors to defend our kits. When he got thrown out, Blackstar accepted him as one of NightClan. His soft scent was of a strange mix of NightClan and SkyClan. "OK, let's head out." Blackstar mews, bringing you out of your trance.
  3. The barren SunClan boarder stank of freshly sprayed trees. You push up your lip to avoid the smell. What a stench! You see Iceflight do the same, pale-blue muscles rippling. He was surprisingly buff, considering that SkyClan warriors were often quite small. Frostfeather mewed in surprise. "I thought Moonpaw said they were avoiding this area!" "Me too." Silverfoot says quite calmly. "But we have bigger problems then a faulty report. Look." Just around the boarder, you could see large shrew bones. And they smelled like NightClan.
  4. "Quickly, we must tell Blackstar!" You say hastily. "Of course" Silverfoot says as we all start running to the camp. "What is it?" Blackstar says as we run into camp. They were in the middle of sharing-tongues, so not that many looked up. "The SunClan warriors are hunting in our boarders." Frostfeather fur says in a half-growl-half-pant. "I should have known..." Blackstar says in a whisper. "I had a dream last night. It was Nightstar. She told me that the sun is our weakness. Then I saw a world with no night. All the clans suffered from the constant sun and lack of sleep. It was horrible. I was going to go to Wispclaw tonight, but I understand now. I can tell SunClan is planning something. They leave the border stale for moons, then come back and steal our food? Please, Frostfeather, Iceflight, Shadowtail, leave me to talk to my deputy." You dip your head and walk off.
  5. You grab a large mouse from the fresh-kill pile. "Hey Shadowtail!" You see Moonpaw in the distance calling you. The young apprentice is only a few moons behind you, so you two are the best of friends. "Did you hear about Roseheart?" she mews while liking your back. "No, what happened?" I say, devouring the mouse. "She got attacked while on the patrol. You should go check on her." You half choke on your mouse. Roseheart, your sister, hurt? You rush over to the medicine cat's den. "Shadowtail! I take it you're here to see your sister?" Wispclaw mews when you enter. "Yes." You reply hastily. she nods towards the deeper area of her den, and you walk through. There, on her side, is Roseheart. "Hi there, Shadowpa-tail." She mews weakly. "What happened?" You ask, trying to ignore her slip. "It was SkyClan." She mews, "I was patrolling the boarder when they jumped out and attacked. I got badly bitten on my leg and practically had to drag myself here. But it's alright. Wispclaw says a couple more days of rest is all I need. Can you get me some poppy seeds? My leg is killing me." As always, Roseheart sounded better near the end of the talk. You walk out of the area, almost forgetting the poppy seeds. "Oh, Wispclaw, Roseheart says she needs some poppy seeds, can you get some to her? Thanks." You flick your tail with appreciation, then walk off.
  6. "Shadowtail! We must talk." Blackstar mews. What now? You walk over. 'Yes, Blackstar?" "I wish to go to Moonstone with you and Silverfoot." "Of course Blackstar, what an honor!" You say. "Go quickly to Wispclaw or Darkpaw for the herbs that we need." You dip your head and go to Darkpaw. "I heard of your journey." He says, pushing three packets of herbs in front of you. You pick them up in between your teeth and twitch your ear in gratitude. You walk off to Blackstar's den and see her and Silverfoot waiting to begin the journey. "We leave just before moonhigh." Blackstar says with a faraway look in her eyes. "Get some rest." You walk over to the warrior den side-by-side with Silverfoot. You feel your cheeks getting hot and try to ignore it. You lay down on the soft bedding for the first time and instantly fall asleep.
  7. "Shadowtail, it's time to go." You open one eye and see Silverfoot over you. You get up and go see Blackstar. "Let's go." She mews. Soon you near the SkyClan boarder. You hiss as two blue eyes stare at you from the boarder. "Worry not, young warrior. We come only for passage to the Moonstone." Blackstar calls into the darkness. "Of course, of course. May StarClan guide you." With that, the eyes disappear. When you reach the Moonstone, it looks like nothing more than a small cave. "Silverfoot, guard the entrance." Blackstar mews. He looks slightly disappointed, but Silverfoot does as he is told. You and Blackstar walk into the cave and meet a large opening. In the very center was a whole in the roof. "Now," Blackstar says, "we wait." While your waiting, you take the time to look Blackstar over. The sleek black she-cat was widely known for her actions under stress and fierceness on the battlefield. Out of nowhere, the hole in the roof lit up with moonlight. Blackstar rested her head under the light and soon fell asleep. Soon, you find yourself doing the same. In front of you was Dustytail, the old deputy. "Shadowtail. You are the warrior of darkness. Do not take your power to the mercy of others." "Wait, what? Dustytail, what do you mean?" You jolt awake. Next to you is Blackstar with a look of astonishment and fear in her eyes. "What?" You ask. "You- you are the one of shadows. The savior of all clans."
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